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Specialising in Structural & Civil Design and Documentation of:

Residential Developments, Extensions, New Projects

- Multi Unit Developments

- Domestic/Residential Projects, 

- Foundations (Slab on Ground, Waffle, Strip Footing, Stumps) 

- Retaining Walls (Sleeper Retaining Walls, Masonry Retaining Walls)

- Suspended Slabs on Fill, Highly Reactive Clay Sites, Problem Sites

- Structural Steel/Timber Framing  Roof & Floor Framing

-Carports, Pergolas, Garages, Sheds


Stormwater Retention to Council Planning Requirements

- Stormwater drainage design for Unit Developments

- Garden Storage Tanks, Driveway Storage Detention, Underground Pipes, Pumps and Pits Detention Systems


Structural Inspections Services

Inspection Services for Construction on Domestic Projects

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