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We are a Registered Consulting Engineering Design Business with over 40 years experience on Residential, Industrial and Commercial Buildings. Our main line of work now consists of mainly Domestic work ranging from small extensions to new houses, right up to Multi-Storey Residential Apartments in the middle of the city, out on a farm, or on the coast. 


We believe it is important to 'think smart' from an Engineering Design Perspective. This involves examining the best way to approach a design solution that minimizes our design time and also focuses on possible construction difficulties faced by the Builder. In general, our Economy of Design approach, leads to Economy of Construction. This is where our clients can really save money!!

We do not "Over Engineer" our designs unless there is a reason for it - such as architectural or other practical reasons.

We can usually provide a quick turn-around on your project so please contact us for a quote.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Nick Babaniaris - Director.

BE CPENG RBP (PE-0001161)


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